Mehran Muslimi- How I scam people

 I am a local Marbella gangster involved in drug dealing, loan sharking, Telemarketing fraud, Ponzi schemes and IPO scams. As a cover for my criminal activities I pretend to be involved in telecommunication business.

I have a long experience in all type of criminal activities and it has been my main occupation in life.
To read about my drug dealing and murder in Canada, you can read here:

Mehran Muslimi criminal activities in Canada

To read more about how I am involved in telemarketing fraud, pyramid schemes and IPO scams and my different companies, you can look at this page:

Mehran Muslimi- Pyramid schemes and IPO scams

You can also watch me in youtube and see how I try to frighten the poor mechanic to get free parts for my car.

Mehran Muslimi- The gangster

This gangster Mehran Muslimi is one of the biggest telecommunication scammer who lives in Marbella, Spain. He is wanted by the Interpol. Both of his companies are FRAUD, do NOT fall for his scams and do NOT send him a single dime because you’ll get nothing in return:

Both sites are global pyramid scam. You can read about it here:

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